The Info You’re After

Are all your products created/designed by you?


How do you make your own products?

I have a chemist who makes my cosmetics the way I say I’d like them made. They send me samples, I let them know where I’d like to make more changes to their formula, they send it back, I put my logo on the packaging I design and done.

How is nailpolish halal?

The term ‘halal’ for nailpolishes refers to the fact that you can pray with the nailpolish on, they allow both water and oxygen to permeate. Certification is also provided.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping will take maximum 2 weeks to reach you. This rarely ever happens, and if it does I will inform of your delay in shipping from beforehand. Shipping usually always takes less than a week to reach you. 

It is important for current customers to please allow some time for your packages to arrive due to Covid-19 postage delays. Sometimes shipping has taken up to 3+ weeks due to uncertain postage timings by the suppliers/Australia Post. lt is very important for customers to understand that this has been out of our control throughout all of 2020. If this is of inconvenience to you, you can always send us an email. We will compensate where we can.