Divinity Collection Nail Polish has been lab tested to be breathable. This allows permeability of Water and Air to the nail. Even with optional Top Coat.

Australian Halal Certification.

Our Formula is Toxic Free 18-Free Harmful Chemicals : Formaldehyde, Toluene, Ketones, DBP, Phthalates, Polyurethane, Petrochemical solvents and Polyurethane film-formers.

Long Lasting Air Dry Gel Polish, easy to use with smooth application. Glossy and shiny.

Larger 15ml Bottle.

Gently rub nails for 10 seconds while water flows over the
nails/fingers during to ensure water-permeability. 


  • Apply first Coat thinly and wait 1 to 2 minutes. Apply second coat thicker for best coverage. Do not add first coat too thick to avoid streaking. Product is water-based to allow permeability.

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The Info You’re After

Are your products real/authentic?

YES, I retrieve all my products from the retailers at 'wholesale' price, which most people do not get access to unless you are a business. If you ever have doubts about my products you can always visit my instagram @prietamamun and see me apply my products on my IGTVs and my stories. You can also check out my reviews in my highlights. 

Where do you buy your products from?

My suppliers are all nationwide (within Australia). I buy all my products wholesale and then sell it to you at a good price.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping will take maximum 2 weeks to reach you. This rarely ever happens, and if it does I will inform of your delay in shipping from beforehand. Shipping usually always takes less than a week to reach you. 


It is important for current customers to please allow some time for your packages to arrive due to Covid-19 postage delays. Sometimes shipping has taken up to 3+ weeks due to uncertain postage timings by the suppliers/Australia Post. lt is very important for customers to understand that this has been out of our control throughout all of 2020. If this is of inconvenience to you, you can always send us an email. We will compensate where we can.